Luguiic Knee & Elbow Ice Pack for Injuries
Are you still suffering from joint pain and headaches? Luguiic devotes to relieving pain, swelling and inflammation in your body and etc. We offer FREE SHIPPING and professional after-sales service, all orders arrive within 5 to 12 business days.
Size :
  • 【Professional Cutting-Edge Materials】Luguiic compression sleeve is made of cutting-edge materials and expert-grade gel, which can provide the effect of cold therapy and heat therapy. It can be safely worn on bare skin. 100% leak-proof and no odor after use. It is soft, flexible, reusable, and has a more skin-friendly and comfortable experience. High-quality and affordable, it is very suitable for improving blood circulation, relieving soreness and reducing inflammation.
  • 【Hot & Cold Therapy】Luguiic ice packs sleeves provide double use effects. It only needs to be frozen in the refrigerator or heated in the microwave. It can still maintain flexibility when it is hot or cold.  It can be applied directly to bare skin after heating or freezing. It can maintain the best treatment time recommended by the doctor for 15-20 minutes. Help relieve muscle soreness, reduce swelling, relieve joint inflammation, etc. Reusable and versatile.
  • 【360°Coverage】Luguiic compression sleeve perfectly fits your body and can cover your treatment area 360°. It is simple and quick to wear and easy to operate. The compression sleeve can effectively support and fit the target area without sacrificing the flexibility of the body, facilitating movement and speeding up the recovery speed. The pull-on design means no need for Velcro or strapping. Hands-free application, free your hands. Perfectly replace the old-fashioned traditional ice bag.
  • 【Wearable & Easy To Use】 Luguiic sleeves are wearable. Can be used without Velcro or straps. This design eliminates the need for messy ice packs, unmanageable packages, cold compress mess, Velcro, and straps. Will not cause confusion and trouble. The flexible ice gel pack allows you to maintain the flexibility of your body parts while wearing it. So you can continue to perform daily activities and various fitness exercises while wearing it.
  • 【One Product, Many Body Parts】Luguiic ice packs are available in different sizes to suit different body parts. It is very suitable for calf, ankle, knee, thigh, elbow, biceps, etc. Helps relieve soreness, inflammation, swelling, and postoperative recovery. It is very suitable for arthritis pain, swelling, strain, sprain, tendinitis, bursitis, tendinopathy, tennis elbow, etc. (Please refer to the size and measurement guide to determine your correct size).

elbow ice pack

Luguiic Revolutionary Ice Sleeve

Hot & Cold Therapy

Cold Therapy:

When using cold therapy, put the Luguiic sleeve ice pack in the refrigerator at 4 ℉(-20 ℃) for 1-2 hours, and then use it immediately.

It can stay cold within the recommended best use time of about 20 minutes. Great for injuries like inflammation or tendinitis.

Hot Therapy:

When using Hot Therapy, put the elbow ice pack in the microwave, heat it up in increments of 10 seconds, and then apply it to the desired area.

  • Child friendly, non-toxic, & leak-proof.
  • Made with cutting-edge compression fabric and expert-grade gel.
  • Great for recovering sore muscles & treating joint inflammation.

Recommended Uses

Sooth injured muscles, joints, and tissues.

Post-surgery rehab routine to minimize swelling.

Get relief from arthritis, inflammation, tendinitis, tennis or golfer’s elbow, and orthopedic discomfort.

Innovative sleeve ice pack

  • Unique non-toxic gel fillings, longer-lasting effect, allows for direct skin contact without fear of skin burns or stings.
  • Hands-free application, enjoying it anywhere and anytime.
  • 360-degree coverage of the treatment area for easier exercise and faster recovery.
  • The cold sleeve effectively supports and stabilizes injuries or vulnerable areas without sacrificing mobility.
  • This easy-to-use cold pack of natural remedies is safe for daily use and can be part of any rehabilitation or recovery program.

Skin-friendly and easy to wear

Simply slide the cold sleeve for immediate relief! Luguiic sleeve allows for direct skin contact straight from the freezer without fear of skin burns or stings.

Remains Soft Even After Freezing

Made of soft solid gels that are flexible, reusable, and safe to use, remaining soft even after freezing.

Move around freely

The flexible elbow ice wrap can stay in place without compromising mobility whether you are in walking or running.

Measurement Guides

Choose The Right Size To Keep The Cold Longer!

Available in 3 sizes. Although the ice pack for knees, arms, elbows, legs, ankles are designed with comfortable elasticity, you need to choose the right sleeves to fit the size of your target area. Don't be too loose, and don't be too tight. Overstretched cuffs will consume the cold stored in the cuff more quickly.

·Small: 9 in.–12 in. (23 cm–31 cm)

·Medium: 13 in.–16 in. (32 cm–40 cm)

·Large: 17 in.–20 in. (41 cm–50 cm)

If you are unsure of the size, we suggest you order the larger size.

The Compression Sleeve should be comfortably snug, and not constricting. PLEASE DO NOT OVER-STRETCH.